ハスクバーナからAMAスーパークロス450SXに出場中の#16 Zach Osborne(ザック・オズボーン)に残念なニュースです。

オズボーンの投稿によると、第9戦 アトランタ前のフロリダでの練習中に起きたクラッシュによる負傷が、当初は比較的軽いものと診断されていましたが、精密検査を進めていくにつれ、多くの問題が見つかったようです。


「比較的軽いケガ」から一転、今シーズンのスーパークロスは残り全てのレースを欠場の見込みで、復帰の計画を5月17日に開催予定のAMAモトクロス 開幕戦 ハングタウンに定めているようです。







Unfortunately I received some rough news this week about my current injuries. I was originally told at the hospital I that I had 1 broken rib, 2 bruised and partially collapsed lungs and a sprained wrist. After two weeks of significant discomfort from what I thought was a broken rib, I was advised to get more checks. I underwent an MRI on my abdomen which revealed three compression fractures in my back as well as two other fractures. An x-ray on my wrist showed a small fracture as well. I’m not sure how all of this was missed at my original hospital visit but it’s nice to have some answers and to be moving forward and closer to being back to my normal self. I’m grateful for all the people around me and their support through what has been a very tough year for me. The plan for now is to get well and be back to 100% health for the opening outdoor National at Hangtown!

Zach Osborne(@zacho_16)がシェアした投稿 –

Photo:Simon Cudby



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