デビ・ミルサップが現役引退を発表 – 14年のプロレースキャリアに幕

2018年からヤマハのファクトリーチームに加入したばかりの#18 David Millsaps(デビ・ミルサップ)が、突然の現役引退を発表のニュースです。



Part 1 After 14 years as a professional Supercross and Motocross racer, today, I announce my retirement from racing. Obviously, this was not an easy decision for me to make. Before the crash that I sustained back in October, I felt great while on the bike, and I was looking forward to an awesome 2018 season with my team, Monster Energy/Knich/Yamaha Factory Racing. Everything was falling perfectly into place: my training, my fitness, and the bike. I had high expectations for the 2018 Supercross season. Then, the unexpected happened and life changed so fast. I was sent to the ICU with a major concussion, bleeding in and around my brain, and a shattered elbow, along with being bruised and banged up pretty much all over. After months of recovery and consulting with my neurologist and family, we came to the difficult decision that it was time for me to retire from racing. I say this with great sadness, and this is definitely not how I wanted to end my career. But health is a priority. When the doctor told me that he couldn’t release me due to the risk that another impact on my head could be life-altering, not to mention life-threatening, it was pretty tough news for me to swallow. The reality of retirement was very hard to face. It brings out a bag of so many mixed emotions. It saddens me greatly to have to go out like this. I have given so much of my life to this sport. I basically grew up on a track chasing my dream.

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Part 2. From the time I first rode a bike at the age of 3 till now, at almost age 30, I’ve had a blast. In return, this sport gave me an opportunity to be the best and work with the best. My racing career has brought me so many amazing opportunities, many great races competing against the sport’s finest athletes, amazing fans, and many lifelong friends. My wife, Brittney and I were fortunate to have been able to share my career with our two kids, Dane and Bryn. I cannot begin to express my sincere gratitude to so many individuals and sponsors who have stood by me throughout my entire career. I thank you, and I am very appreciative for all you have done for my family and me. Supercross and Motocross fans are the best fans in the world. I thank you so much for being there for me and for all you have given me through your encouragement and love. Looking back at my wins and losses, long list of injuries, surgeries, and all of the highs and lows I’ve experienced, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m not going to lie, I will miss it. This sport has been so good to me, and I’m fortunate that I can walk away looking forward to the future with my family. I’ve been so lucky to have had this experience as a pro athlete, and I will cherish each and every moment of it. I truly appreciate all the support over the years. Thank you, everyone!

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プロのスーパークロスとモトクロスのレーサーとして14年間務めた今日、私はレースからの退職を発表します。明らかに、これは私にとって簡単な決定ではありませんでした。私が10月に支えたクラッシュの前に、私は自転車に乗っている間にすばらしく感じました。そして私は私のチームであるMonster Energy / Knich / Yamaha Factory Racingと素晴らしい2018年のシーズンを楽しみにしていました。すべてが私のトレーニング、フィットネス、バイクに完全に落ちていました。私は2018年のスーパークロスシーズンに大きな期待を寄せていました。それから予期せぬことが起こり、人生が急速に変わった。私は大きな脳震盪、私の脳の中や周りの出血、砕けた肘を使ってICUに送られました。何ヶ月もの回復と私の神経科医や家族との相談を経て、私たちは困難な決断を下し、レースから退職する時が来た。









2018 AMAスーパークロスでは、ミルサップの代役として#51 Justin Barcia(ジャスティン・バルシア)が、開幕戦から第6戦までの限定で、ヤマハファクトリーより参戦中。


来週に予定されている第7戦 アーリントン大会を前に、突然の現役引退発表。





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