ホルヘ・プラドのMX2タイトル確定へ – ポウルス・ジョナスは最終戦を欠場

いよいよ今週末に迫った2018 モトクロス世界選手権(MXGP)最終戦 イタリアGP。

最高峰クラスのMXGPは前戦のオランダGPで#84 Jeffrey Herlings(ジェフリー・ハーリングス)がタイトルを獲得。


第19戦 オランダGP終了時点でのMX2クラスのポイントランキングは、

1. #61 Jorge Prado(823)
2. #1 Pauls Jonass(777)

と、#61 Jorge Prado(ホルヘ・プラド)が、2位の#1 Pauls Jonass(ポウルス・ジョナス)に46ポイントのリードを確保。





▼Pauls Jonass vs Jorge Prado Battle & Jonass Crash – MXGP of Turkey 2018



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Unfortunately, my season came to an end sooner than we wanted it to. After the crash in Turkey my knee was all messed up, but my team and I decided to push through and not give up the title yet despite the torturing pain. The part about pain pretty much sums up Assen for me. Fast forward to yesterday, when I had a surgery in my knee. Great doctors and a great job done. Huge shout out to the people at the Ortema facility👍🏼 Obviously, I will not be racing in Imola this weekend. I hate to let my fans down, but, if I ever want to go out there and do what I love most, a healthy pair of legs will come in handy😅 Much love to everyone for the kind words, we’ll be back in 2019💪🏼

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D R E A M came true – -> MX2 WORLD CHAMPION 2018 🥇!! – Sueño hecho realidad – -> CAMPEÓN DEL MUNDO DE MX2 🥇!!

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Photo: Ray Archer



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